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Clarify a Properties Ownership Completely Online!




A Land Title Search gives you:

  • Current ownership details with full name
  • Volume and folio
  • Survey plan number and type
  • Encumbrances and notifications including mortgage
  • Whether there is a caveat against the title list of any unregistered dealings

Each Property Owner Search gives you:

  • The ability to conduct a search by name
  • Current ownership details with full name
  • Title reference number or locality where available

What are the states and territories we service?

  • NSW
  • QLD
  • VIC
  • WA
  • SA
  • NT





Property Registry has complete online access to NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, SA and NT land title registries.
Anyone who pays the prescribed fee can search a title or ownership of any property.

Useful for

  • Checking current property ownership
  • Home buyer and investor research
  • Buying and selling any piece of real estate
  • To see if there's a mortgage registered on title
  • Planning applications

Whether your search is one off or you conduct frequent and bulk searches. Start using us today and see why Property Registry is growing fast into Australia’s leading provider of land titles and property information.

Gain access to our online database and get your Title Search completely online.


A Land Title is a person’s record of interests and rights affecting their land. The land register is the central aspect of the Torrens system and search facilities are provided by NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, SA and NT land titles registries. The Registrar records property ownership changes, mortgages, property transactions. Search Now »


The property owner search is a unique and powerful report to Property Registry, it allows you to search by the owners name or a company name for a properties title. This is a must have tool for any due diligence on property ownership. Search Now »


A legal survey exists for all land (lots) in Australia. Survey plans/Deposited plans are the official record of the legal boundaries of land and will usually indicate the dimensions and size of a lot. Search Now »